A Thursday™ Event is a real-life, exclusive gathering for singles in your city. These events are designed to be relaxed, pressure-free environments without speed dating or apps. They take place at bars filled with like-minded singles looking to meet others in person. It’s a refreshing alternative to membership clubs and online dating, offering a unique way to explore your city’s hidden gems, both people and places.

A dating app that works one day of the week. There’s a match and chat function like a traditional dating app where you can match with other singles in your city, only on a Thursday though. Match. Chat. Date. On the same day. This is not for time wasters, matches and conversations delete at midnight, so if you’re having a good conversation be sure to arrange a date, or at the very least swap details before it’s too late.

Our mission is to reduce the need for endless swiping and focus on bringing like-minded singles together in person, where real-life magic can happen the old-fashioned way.

No, you don’t need a Thursday™ Dating app profile to attend. You can purchase tickets to Thursday™ Events directly through our website or by downloading our free Thursday™ Events app from the App Store or Google Play.

Absolutely! Many attendees (40%) come by themselves, so even if you’re the only single in your friend group, don’t hesitate to join us solo. You’ll find yourself in great company.

No, not at all. Thursday™ Events are diverse and vary by city, catering to a wide range of interests. Besides bars, we host events at running clubs, gym classes, dance studios, art galleries, sports games, and more. Check the event listings for details. If you don’t see an event that interests you, consider applying to become a Thursday™ Host, and we’ll support you in organizing an event that suits your preferences.